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Get Mugged this Christmas, but in a  totally in a good way! 

Let's bring back those memories from Scout camp shall we with our 'olde worlde' Swazi mug, but just for the truly die-hard Swazi fans.

Some my call it 'quaint', 'cute' or just plain 'super-cool vintage'.  We think of it as damn practical. 

Whether it’s a hunting trip, out camping, a casual picnic or around the fire with a hot bevy, listening to Uncle Bob exaggerate again on the same hunting story he tells every year (yawn)We have you covered.

Our Swazi Enamel Mug weighs 200g and holds 500mls, perfect for the morning cuppa or the evening tipple.

These are strictly limited edition and are exclusive to our Swazi 12 Days Of Christmas deals.

Don’t cry if you miss out, we warned you…

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