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Swazi Sponsorship

How can we help with your sponsorship?

At Swazi we love to give back to the community and support fundraisers and events throughout the year.  We do this by providing product for spot prizes.


Sponsorship criteria

We have a fixed monthly sponsorship budget, so it pays to get in early to ensure the best possible success.

Our current focus is ordinary kids, doing amazing things in the outdoors and giving back to the community.  So, as a general guideline we are looking for any events or projects that encourage youth in the outdoors, protect native flora and fauna and are not for commercial purposes.

In saying that from time to time we do get a requests for something special that falls outside this criteria and has all the "feels".  In that case, if we still have budget left over we say to hell with the rules and support where we can. 

While we would love to support each and every worthwhile cause, we aren't always able to assist.  We may not be able to sponsor the same events year-on-year, as we wish to allow others the opportunity to benefit from our sponsorship support.


How to apply for sponsorship

Please download our Swazi Sponsorship Request Form.  Print it, complete it and send it back to us.  We'll get back in touch asap to confirm whether we can assist or not.